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[Well, here's a fresh face. Sally Acorn is stuck in Knothole--in a sense. The snow had come down overnight, leaving a blanket of white over the entire village. Initially she had considered heading an effort to clear it out that morning, but when she had woken up and peered out the window, she saw several Freedom Fighters frolicking, snow-fighting, sculpting, and otherwise playing in the seasonal downfall.]

Hmn. [She makes a small, muted smile, cradling her chin in her hand as she sits at the window inside her hut. Feel free to come by and chat but don't you dare snowball her. I mean you, Sonic Hedgehog.]

[Hello, Special Zone. This is Knuckles the Echidna. Perhaps not one most are used to, but it is him nevertheless. And his panicking, as he seems unable to move no matter how much strength he manages to muster.

In completely unrelated news, there's a sprig of mistletoe over his head. Feel free to point and laugh make of it what you will, denizens.]

Winter Mingle Post!
['Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalala... You get the point.

It seems the lobby has been decorated with bright lites, tinsel, mistletoe, and... Badniks dressed like Santa's helpers? Okay, that's a little creepy. But at least there are pretty trees scattered across the lobby and through the halls. Folks wandering around might even find boxes of deocrations, nevermind the mistletoe hanging around.

There are snowboards located near the opening to Angel Island and a sign that reads: "Head to ice cap zone for all the thrills and chills this winter!" The music room will be playing festive music, and overall the place seems to have gotten a holiday makeover. This might even carry over to otherwise grim locations such as Robotropolis.

But really, those badniks are suspicious. What's up with the silly costumes, anyway?]

[ooc: Go wild! I figured this place needs some fun stuff to do while we work to breathe life back into it.]

one last chance
[ The challenge was daunting, there was no doubt about that. Search every corner of this tear in space and time in order to find the seven Chaos Emeralds and revive Sonic the Hedgehog. But knowing that his soul was still present, that was enough for the Ultimate Life form. He knew that they could complete this task.

However, once he'd found one of the emeralds and placed his hands on it, he noticed quite immediately that he wasn't where he'd once been. While this strange dimension was filled with places and times sprawled all over the place, this area didn't appear familiar to him...

At least, not since a very long time ago.

Shadow stood up, holding the green emerald on his hand and looked around. What was this place? Didn't matter... he had to get back in order to revive Sonic. ]

MOD POST - revival effort
Hey, guys! Posting this in the main comm because chances are more people will see it this way. Anyhow, I've had some requests to revive this place (nice to see a post after all these months, too).

I'm willing to do so. What I'm wondering is if there should be some kind of event to kickstart it, or if the setting needs work... just some kinda brainstorming, I guess! The holidays are around the corner, so we could do some kinda Christmasy thing if anyone would be interested.

Also, help advertising would be great. I do plan on hitting up RPS/anoncomm/plurk and maybe the sonicstuff community. Might be looking for helper mods, for good measure. May do a post at goalring about that later. For now, you can keep posting like normal. Gotta breathe some life back into this place somehow.

Even if I close my eyes, they're not closed enough
07 There is a window with a view
[ To return without something... There wasn't any souvenir of the past, there wasn't anything he had with him before. Shadow looked about the lobby, each blink slow and confused. How did he get here? When did he leave them behind?

Who had decided that he should leave them behind?

The black hedgehog frowned, looking at his hands. He was a hedgehog once more; no longer human as he was in that world. No longer finding himself traveling with strange creatures as his partners. It all felt like a dream now, and only now had he awakened from it.

Despite that, he wasn't sure what he should be feeling. There was an emptiness that was not there before, perhaps he was still reeling from the suddenness of it. Shadow smirked, shaking his head. Ridiculous. Letting something like that get to him... ]

I left that place after all, just as I had planned to. There's no reason for mourning; I wasn't meant to be there in the first place.

[ His words felt like empty condolences. He had had friends there... Though they had long since disappeared or forgotten him. Shadow hadn't forgotten the pain of being left behind. That was something he would never forget... ]

... I wonder if they're waiting for me.


Looking into his past - "the ultimate overlord"?
[There was no way for this vessel to still be airborne. When he arrived on the Egg Fleet - also called the Final Fortress, this was his first thought. He spent the first few minutes turning around examining the place, how... untarnished it was. Then he saw the tall tower that was shaped like a lowercase T.

He didn't look at it for long - nor did he need to - to remember the first time he lost to Sonic, fighting him by himself. No creator. Doing a 180 degree turn showed him the room where he had...

...fully carried out his traitorous plan by locking the Doctor inside of it...

If anyone else was on the flagship really close by, they would have heard a shaky gasp emit from the robotic lifeform as he forced his feet - not the rocket booster in his chest - to carry him to the door of it. Why was it open? He pushed it aside, taking a step or two into the small room. The fact that blinking lights on the several small components on the walls were ... active still, may have spooked him if he wasn't already.

The only question the robot wanted to ask was why?]

[If anyone wants to confront/snoop around and spy on, etc., an oblivious Metal, go ahead. They could be farther in the room, not yet noticed by the robot, or maybe outside on the flagship nearby?]

just another day on the job, *sigh*
[Here comes Sally. She's once more plugging things into a computer, though what it is she's plugging in, well...

...you'll have to ask her!]

(no subject)
[He's been searching and data collecting a lot recently.

Every ring, every nook and cranny.

And now he's emerging from the Angel Island ring, sparking a little from contact with the snow in Ice Cap. But...]

Data obtained. Findings questionable.

Conclusion: Rings lead to realistic simulations. Mini dimensions? Zzzt. Must further assess possibilities.

[And he'll go on like this for a while, just rambling in techno-garble.]

(no subject)
49  By the rhythm of your heart
[ Shadow had decided to take a run through White Jungle, having not been too surprised to see it again. This place... it must take areas through time, because there was no way this place could exist anymore... The bombs Shadow planted destroyed the entirety of Prison Island.

Still, the jungle wasn't bad, and the fog that was present didn't bother him. He stopped amongst the vegetation, watching a large dragonfly whiz by his head. Before he hadn't the time to stand still and observe the area, but now...

It wasn't so bad. ]

(no subject)
[Vector's managed to locate an empty room that he's redecorated as a temp detective agency. So, right now he's kicking back behind a desk, reading over some paperwork. The door's wide open, however, so anyone can hear him as he grumbles about his findings.]

It's all a buncha dead ends. Rings leading to more rings that lead back to here. Sure, the sights are nice 'n all, but there's just no business here. Why should there be when everybody can get stuff for free?

Bah, guess I'll have to look harder.

['cause there has to be some kind of clue besides all these dead ends.]

aren't incapability and mourning simply things you want to fear?
42 Aren't incapability and mourning
[ Shadow was in the lobby once more, the scent of onion rings still present despite the party having been cleaned up. He was staring at a single warp ring... he'd eliminated all possibilities, this had to be the one. Having spent days trying to figure out if the ARK was actually possible to reach here...

He'd had no problem getting to it back in the real world, after all, he had the Doctor to thank for that. But this was a different place... and he couldn't be sure if the ARK in this realm would be the same as the one he knew before...

Would it still be empty and cold?

Or would it be like the home he once knew? Shadow frowned, shaking his head. It didn't matter what it was like, it could never be how it used to-- especially without the people there that made it familiar, warm. ]

20th Anniversary Bash!
[The lobby looks awfully lively today. Streamers and ribbons drape down from the ceiling, there's confetti flying through the air! Several glowing arrows point down the hall, and there's a distinct scent of chili dogs and cake. Various pictures of Sonic and his friends line the walls in addition to signs leading the way.

Those who follow the path are sure to find an enormous room full of various party goods. The music is loud and booming; themes from Sonic games past and present blast from unseen speakers. There's a slew of goodies from the Chocolate Sundae Supreme to fresh chili dogs and onion rings. Don't forget to try the rock candy chaos emeralds, Chao cupcakes, and chocolate Badniks!

Want to play games? Head on over to the Sonic Spinball booth, whack-a-Knux, shoot the Omochao, and many more! There's even a big screen TV set up with a SEGA Genesis and Dreamcast.

In short, there's a gigantic Sonic bash for characters to enjoy or completely ruin. Feel free to get creative, and threadjack to your heart's content!]

(no subject)

A Squirrel who looks like an adult version of Sally's actually wandering around, confused and lost: a moment before she was with her brother Manik and his wife then, suddenly, she found herself in a completely unknown place after trying to enter in her dining room.

"Oh, gosh, what's wrong now?"

Sonia sighed, looking around.

Surveying his, uh, domains
don't ask what he's holding
[There's an Enerjak chilling at the food court, eating a chili dog. And this won't be his only hot dog. In fact there's a group of NPCs bringing over several plates of chili dogs. Said NPCs look...rather blank for some reason.

But hey, at least they're making Enerjak's chili dogs they right way now, yeah?]

(no subject)

Suddenly, there's something distinctly furry lying on the ground here. Seems like his entry to the zone wasn't exactly smooth. Right now he's just lying there, trying to catch his breath.

Though, that's strange. He resembles a certain blue hedgehog, doesn't he?]

[ooc: This is a new muse for me, so pardon my fail as I get used to this guy. Anyway, werehog! Enjoy.]

[A squirrel man comes out of a door, looking, rather confused and half-covered in crystal the instant he crosses the threshold. Quite logical as to the reason why; the place he just left looks like nothing but a fully crystal-coated landscape.

What is not so logical is that, after several seconds, the crystal cracks and splits like ice, and starts falling off of him. Letting out a 'huh' of surprise, the man looks down at himself, before shaking the crystals off of his now-normal legs and torso. The bits and pieces come off like snow, falling harmlessly onto a pile on the ground.]

Well...that has never happened before.

[Once he's done, he looks around. That what he walked into was not inside the Void was a certainty. Which begged the question...]

I wonder where I've ended up now...?

Doing things the hard way
[Anyone who is in the main lobby may notice a certain Sonic lookalike standing appropriately on the Sonic statue in the middle of the 'room' - more specifically on one of its arms.]

If I'll have your attention. If there is anyone at all who is enjoying their time here... I'm afraid what I'm going to do next might disappoint you.

[He waits a few seconds, while a small cyan ring of electricity begins to run around his hand. When it gets large enough, he almost flicks his hand upward just right, sending it to hit the Sonic monument right in the face. The collision made an obnoxious crack; A shower of sparks and pieces of the statue raining down. Think of it as fireworks and rubble... that would rain down near you. He just stood there, arms crossed.

His normally monotone voice seemed more stern now.]

I am going to tear this zone down. If anyone would like to try stopping me, to - convince me otherwise - feel free.

(no subject)
Attention Mobians.

You are now under the jurisdiction of Dr. Robotnik. Prepare to be roboticized. Non compliant beings will be taken by force.

[He's been going on about this for at least ten minutes, repeating the same mindless phrases and praise to Robotnik. The odd thing about this robot? He's roughly the same size as Sonic and sounds remarkably like his SatAM counterpart.]

[ooc: An AU SatAM Sonic that got roboticized some time before Season 2. Some of you might remember him from TDZ. Silver Sonic is just a PB.]

[There is an echidna walking through the evil city, looking for a certain fat man. He's not going to leave until he's found him. There's no way that man couldn't be here. He can almost feel the evil emanating from the city.

Power or no...he would find the fat man. And when he did, the fat man would regret ever thinking about the Chaos Emeralds.]

Would someone like a confused Nicole?
[Nicole is seen walking around, looking a bit nervous. She looks like something is terribly wrong, and it most certainly is! ..To her anyway. Last she remembers she wasn't too welcome out in the open, and now she can't seem to disappear at all..]

Where are they? [She holds her hand.] I can't feel the nanities at all anymore.

rollin' around at the speed of sound~
[If there's one great thing about Station Square, it's the wide open turf full of all kinds of cool attractions. Sandy beaches, a casino, Twinkle Park, and the booming cityscape that's ripe for exploration and cool stunts.

And Sonic here discovered a powerup monitor that contained a skateboard. So what does this mean?

Right now, he's taking advantage of the board by scooting around town, doing all sorts of tricks on his way. Sure, it's not the same as running, but it's still a ton of fun!

Want to join in? There appears to be a few of these monitors scattered around the street today!]

you live an endless life forever
23 You're hiding something.
[ For Shadow, as far as he'd met, there were two Sonics that he trusted more implicitly than the rest. Implicit trust did not come easily for the black hedgehog, and trusting enough to tell another some of his past, though mild, was more trust than he'd give anyone casually. One Sonic he met while in Johto, who he was able to share some of his story with, and come to a point of understanding, especially at a time when he was trying to decide what to do with himself since two very important people had disappeared from the world.

The other blue hedgehog was one that had found him while Shadow had been suffering from hallucinations and intense fear, showing a side he never showed anyone else. That Sonic had stayed by him and managed to bring Shadow back to his former self.

Now, Shadow had holed himself up in a Station Square library, reading a few books. He had a pile of them on a table and was steadily working through all of them... But at the same time, he thought about his recent actions, recent decisions. Was he becoming what the Professor wanted him to be? What Maria wanted? Was Sonic right; that he should be whoever he himself thought was best? Living for oneself was something Shadow never did before. It would certainly take some getting used to.

He flips another page, catching up on history and technological advances made by mankind and different parts of the world. The information was greatly appreciated, allowing him to learn about the people he was supposed to help... for Maria's sake. ]

... Hmph.

[ He reads a quote at the bottom of one page. ] “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa... [Shadow leans back against his seat, thinking about the quotation he read.] Is that really true, I wonder.

(no subject)
[These past few days, Sonic's been enjoying all the different zones, but he's had something on his mind. And now he's taking the time to address the general population with a big question.

Well, big in his opinion.]

You know, cool as this place is, there's somethin' that's been bugging me for a while.

[He takes a bite of a chili dog.]

Anyone else seen doubles of people here? More than one version, I mean. Could've sworn I've seen at least two other hedgehogs juicin' around here, and they were all blue! Plus, I've seen at least two different Sals, and they were both totally different than the one I know.

It just feels like there's something fishy goin' on. Mondo fishy.


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